adult underscore link is the answer to life the universe and everything
WH Statistics
Position meme lord supreme
Era Oldbris - Newbris
Faction The Internet Detectives
Furfag Status Unknown
Physical Statistics
Country America
Height Unknown
Age Unknown

Some dumbshit that missed most of the ARG, but saw the original post. He now just complains in the skype group, praises Beerd, occasionally shitposts, but mostly just stalks people on the forums. He can mostly be found fucking about in the Newbris chat.

will soon be friends with Oceanstuck, because he seems like a cool guy.

This guy is a major feglord l0l scrub get rekd



I want to upd8 this but also dont want to like, kill the history of what happened above this :L


Some dumbshit that missed most of the ARG, Saw the original post, and all that bullshit or whatever. Shitposts and chills in the Internet Detectives skype group(s). On the forums not much happens anymore, but when things are going on you can probably count on link being there doing... something...? Whatever it is, He'll probably join in.

One of the earliest ID members, and considered to be one of the saner members.

Got dragged into the trash pile that is Homestuck by Oceanstuck, and later became Matesprits with her (♥). Not quite as trashy of a Homestuck, but pretty close. While he does Live and Breath homestuck, he hasn't started using anyone quirks from it (h0wever if he were t0 it'd have t0 be Aradias quirk as they share the z0diac sign 0f Aries)

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