The Admins on Within Hubris are the few selected users to oversee the forum and make changes to it how they see fit. There haven't been many Admins throughout WH's history.

History Edit


Artist's depiction of Spanosa

The first Admin was Guide (AKA Jadusable) on Oldbris. He mostly posted topics related to the status of the ARG and overall usage of the forum. He slowly became less and less active after the announcement of the hiatus, and only came back to the forums if the users begged him for something. This happened once when most of the original mods he selected became unactive, and the forum was overrun with shit and trolls. He came back briefly to hold an election for moderators. The original forums closed down, and Jad has nothing to do with Newbris. Because of this, he has no account on there, and is no longer an Admin.

Two new Admins were added to Newbris when it opened: Kafeite and Spanosa. Dawn was technically up'd to Admin status as well, though under the unique title of Theme Manager. Spanosa is a fairly active member within the communities, and has been around for a long ass time, so his addition was obvious. He was like the only active moderator on Oldbris, so that factored in too.

List of Admins Edit

Guide - Oldbris - Unactive

Spanosa - Newbris - Active

Kafeite - Newbris - Active

Dawn of a New Day - Newbris - Active