An online chat site typically used by 13 year old girls to roleplay as Pokemon trainers. For some reason this site is the chat client of choice for most prominent players of the ARG, or at least was before they all decided to be cocks and move to private Skype chats.

List of ARG-Related Chats Edit

Here's a list of chats pertaining to the ARG and Within Hubris. Most of them are dead though. Some links to the actual chats themselves are not posted. This is for the sake of the older groups, so that their sites won't be spammed with shit, even if they are inactive.

Jadusable Chatangos Edit

Chatangos created to discuss the ARG back when it was actually active.

The Clocktown Observatory Edit

Another chat used to discuss the ARG, used by those Bomber Kid guys.

What's Your Mask? Chatango Edit

Chat used by the WYM group. Had significance for holding interviews with Jad.

Within Hubris Chatango Edit

Chat created for Newbris. As expected, it is pure shitposting.

Within Hubris Roleplay Edit

A chat that was used for various roleplaying that stemmed from Oldbris. Dead now.

Within Hubris Empire Chat Edit

Chat used to discuss the Within Hubris Empire, usually just more roleplaying.

Knights of Theet Chat Edit

Chat used by the Knights of Theet.

Dalsons Chat Edit

I think this existed? Idek. Used by the Dalsons.

Lonely Singles Club Chat Edit

Chat used by the LSC.

Baroque Works Headquarters Edit

Chat used by an ancient group that no one remembers. Rip in peace.

Internet Batman Brigade Chat Edit

Chat used by another ancient group. Rip in rip.