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Crash's ass is irresistible. First introduced as an emoticon on Newbris, soon took a turn for the worst after the new forum was opened.

History Edit

One day Dawn thought it would be a good idea to insert new emoticons into Newbris, so he inserted a picture of Crash shaking their butt. That is the image up there. Crash's ass was immediately loved by all users, and many topics were created, containing the ass in every post. The issue soon began to spiral out of control, when reports were discovered of a young teen male was found dead at their computer screen. Cause of death seemed to be dehydration and Erotic Asphyxiation. The victim also apparantly had a boner for eight hours straight, cutting off blood form the rest of their body. On their computer screen was one of the above mentioned threads.


Artist's depiction of the events at Within Hubris, 'Newbris'

One of the cops on the scene began acting strangely when they looked at the screen. They began staring at the small erotic gif, and said nothing for another ten minutes, until a colleague pulled them away. Authorities warn not to look directly at the gif, as it seems to have hypnotic properties. Cops were pissed that Within Hubris was still causing problems after they closed the original forum down. Despite the aforementioned warnings, users still pass around this outlawed emoticon.