WH Statistics
Position Ex-Mod
Era Oldbris
Faction Mods
Furfag Status Unknown
Physical Statistics
Country Unknown
Height Unknown
Age Unknown

Deacon is an old ass member who was around before Oldbris existed. He's been in many groups related to the ARG, and is someone who actually knows wtf happened with WAAL. He also hates ponies.

History Edit

-Shit here missing because i dunno deac very well pls add-

Deacon was either loved or hated on Oldbris. He had a hatred for ponies, which was a very topical subject at the time. He knew a lot about WAAL, which to many users was some kind of big mysterious fuckfest. The controversies kept growing.

Users went to Jad to ask for more mods after most of the existing ones abandoned the forum. Jad complied, and Deacon was one of the users elected for modhood. Some users called foul, stating that Deacon only won because many older users that were not active voted for him, Nevertheless, Deacon became a mod. He never really did anything after that, though.

When Oldbris died, many rumors floated around as to why exactly it got shut down. One of these rumors pinned the blame on a topic Deacon created, something along the lines of "Who would you kill and why", or something. There's really no way to prove anything, though.

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