The Fan Created Content board existed on Oldbris, and was renamed to the Artist's Corner on Newbris. It was a place for users to post whatever shit they whipped up in photoshop, word, or whatever the fuck they were using.

Oldbris Usage Edit

The board was originally split up into four different sub-boards: The Artist's Corner (artwork, pics), Electronic Media (music, vids), Written Works (fanfics, smut), and Other. These boards were used often for whatever fans made up. Some honorable mentions would be "Kelbris: An Anthology" by Shawn and the Jadusable fan films by Blueshiftfilms.

Newbris Usage Edit

When Newbris came around, the sub-boards were thrown away, and everything was merged into a single board called "Artist's Corner," Both written works and artwork could be posted here, while fan-created music would be posted in the new Music General board. Quality content was still being created, such as "Peepee King: The Sexecution" and "A BUNCH OF WIZARDS GET DRUNK AND BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF EACH OTHER".