The Forum Help board was a meta board on both Oldbris and Newbris where users would ask questions or bring up issues pertaining to how the forums functioned. Glitches were also to be posted here, though none were ever really found.

Oldbris Usage Edit

On Oldbris the board was meant for users to ask various questions about how the forums worked. Topics were made like "how do pm's work", "how to search for posts", and other things like what board a topic should go in. All standard stuff, aside from an occasional attempt at gamejacking.

Newbris Usage Edit

Nearly all the topics are by Kafe so far. All of them are about how the boards are adjusting to Zetaboards instead of Invisionfree. Stuff like setting up the new chat, announcement of new board features such as emotes and youtube, ect. It's rarely ever used.