The Forum of the Month is a system Dawn set up because of people complaining about the death of the Muscle Board the goodness of his heart. This is an ongoing system, meaning that it is something that has only ever existed on Newbris, because Oldbris wasn't cool enough to get it. Every month the Forum of the Month board will switch out the current topic for another one. The subject matter will be decided based on what is most voted for in the 1 Million Posts thread.

Previous Subjects Edit

Muscle Fetish Edit


Flex in Peace

During the December of 2014, everyone on Within Hubris got a massive thirst for muscles. They convinced Dawn to set up a Muscle Fetish board, and everyone was filled with glee. The festivities were short lived, however, as Dawn shut down the Muscle Fetish board on the first day of 2015. The main topic can still be read here.

Always Sunny in Philadelphia Edit

Marking the first official forum of the month on 1/8/2015, fans posted about a shitty television show from 2005. It's trash and nobody likes it.

Meme Month Edit

February is the month of love, and everyone loves memes. This decision was reached by Chuckles, even though he didn't follow the fucking rules and just requested it within the Forum of the Month board itself. Everyone posted shitty memes for a month. What did you expect.