The General Discussion board was a board on both Oldbris and Newbris. Its purpose is to discuss any part of the ARG. It also contained three sub-boards of its own about the Arcs of the ARG.

Oldbris Usage Edit

The board was fairly active on Oldbris, being the hotspot for on-topic discussion for the forum. There were many helpful stickied topics with links and summaries of the story thus far, and users discussed their favorite parts of the ARG here. Notale recurring topics typically found here were topics asking if BEN is real, or asking people to check out their ARG-related projects.

Newbris Usage Edit

The board exists still on Newbris, though it is mostly used as an archive. The summaries of the Arcs thankfully survived the closure of Oldris, and users still sometimes post about the ARG here. And yes, some users still try and gamejack a game that has been dead for years. Not very active.