Lonely Singles Club
Typical LSC activities
Admin LadyAlzers
Purpose General Chat
Activity Somewhat Active

The Lonely Singles Club (more commonly "The LSC," or simply "dead") is a group created by Oldbris user LadyAlzers. The group was created in the early days of Oldbris, before everything went to shit.

History Edit

The LSC was first suggested by Dawn in an unrelated Oldbris thread. LadyAlzers later created the LSC thread by Dawn's request, since all of his threads fucking died. The group was meant to be a place for those with >tfw no qt3.14, or just chat about whatever weeb shit they were doing. Things started to go to shit, as is typical of places founded around >tfw no qt3.14. Dawn suggested that the group have a chat, and Alzers created the LSC chatango group, and later a Facebook group was added as well, because a resemblance of social life seemed required. The thread continued on to be one of the longest threads on Oldbris.

The LSC chat was raided several times by other Oldbris groups. These raids mostly consisted of spamming messages and derailing conversations, but some users went further and posted shock images (this is seperate from the groups already shock content). Theet was a notable group who did a few raids in the name of Gaytheism, though during this time, most of the users who 'raided' the LSC were a group called the Dalsons, who later merged with Theet. Theet users suggest that they were only trying to make conversation, however most LSC members disagree, due to the shock images and spam (editor's note: shock images and spam are typical means of conversation for Theet members). The LSC banned most of the Theet members to stop the spam (it didn't work), which led to some bad blood between the two groups. Eventually, the LSC and Theet decided "fuck this" and purged the bad blood from their corpses.

Following the events of Never Forget August 8th, 2012 , the thread was lost for eternity. The Chatango was still around, and discussions over what happened went late into the night. The chatango still exists, though it is much less active than what it was. Only a few old users are still frequent it. Most of the users who were banned are now free to post, since that shit is ages old. Unfortunately, most of the users who made up the group are gone now, even LadyAlzers, which leaves the chat with no Admin.

Members Edit