AUTHOR'S NOTE: A big "thank-you" to BlackLuigi7 for locking/blocking any edits made to this page by Mugen Kagemaru. This page was not made to be a place for Mugen to blog, but to inform newcomers of how big of a cock Mugen is. As a result, I added some new things to help clarify this page's purpose. Wolfcat 11:47, October 24, 2018 (UTC)

Mugen Kagemaru
Amateur Sketch
Vital statistics
Position Missionary
Physical attributes
Weight 300kg

Mugen Kagemaru, real name Fuccboi Lubzkokz, is a time-traveling sorcerer who lives in an outhouse disguised as a magical phone booth which is really a labyrinthine spaceship that even God gets lost in. He is also the biggest cac on Within Hubris, bar none. Maybe ban one.

Weilding two "Hencho en China" brand keyblades, his power is unmatched (but most certainly beaten). Except when he uses the Force, at which point George Lucas beats the shit out of him.


Of all of Mugen's special characteristics, his ability to somehow make himself an important character in anything ever created is certainly his most noteworthy. Usually done in oddly colored text, his manner of speaking whilst shoehorning himself in is reminiscent of what Coldsteel the Hedgeheg would sound like 

with a few more basic spelling classes. And a retarded OCD that would make Chris-chan proud.

Generally being a cunt

Not typically mentioned in super secret Theet meetings about his antics, Mugen Kagemaru is, undeniably, a total cunt. Suspected to be a playing character in Never Forget August 8th, 2012, his inability to detect sarcasm usually results in general douchebaggery, and inaccurate measurements of the metaphorical high horse upon which he rides. Some even wonder if it even IS a horse. They are dumb though and should be raided by Theets daily.

He is, however, perfectly capable of talking shit about himself. Little to the Theets know that Moogen dictated the contents of this article to them in their sleep. Because magic. Also, he likes to fuck ponies.


Surprisingly, Moogin once contributed a logo for the Super Jabroni Bros project. Nobody knows where it is, but Dawn liked it enough to not give Moogs his daily beating for once. Srsly Dawn, don't encourage Mugin.

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