The Help Center board exists on both Oldbris and Newbris. It is a board used for new users to ask whatever question they have about the ARG or Within Hubris.

Oldbris Usage Edit

The board always looked kind of a mess, since the entire first page was filled with stickied topics. All of the topics were useful, however. There was a link to the Jadusable Wiki, an Introduction Thread, and a Tips and Tools thread, which contained various techniques for playing the arg (auto-refreshers, screencaps, ciphers, ect). It was a fairly active board, and one of the most helpful.

Newbris Usage Edit

Since the community is much more dead, this board is not as active as it once was. Still, new users pop in every now and then. Most topics are asking about what is canon, what is not, and whether the hiatus is over yet (it is not). The introduction thread is still the most active topic here.