A me 8ut also an avatar
profile pic now comes with 1025% more homestuck trash
WH Statistics
Position knight of light, angel of shit, 8ringer of trash times
Era Newbris
Faction The Internet Detectives (former)
Furfag Status Unknown
Physical Statistics
Country water
Height idk about 5 i think
Age 16

The trashiest Homestuck. She practically lives and breathes it to the point of using 8's in place of b's almost constantly. Has expressed a desire to gamejack, initially seen as pointless due to her not arriving in this cesspool until many years after the original arg fucking died. Then some fuck or another started an actual fan arg worth gamejacking, so she ended up landing her ass in The Internet Detectives where she was eventually deemed the most reasonable one in the group, which doesn't actually say much due to the constant and repetitive drama that refused to leave the group for almost all of its existence thus far.

Unfortunately, said constant and repetitive drama eventually caused her to grow tired of ID and ultimately leave it entirely, and she has subsequently become a cryptid, appearing only to those she deems worthy.

Literally everyone ships her and ADULT LINK, most notably herself. She also has the dubious honor of having managed to drag him into the Homestuck trash pile with her, which will probably eventually result in a 413% increase in the amount of cancer on both Skype and Hubris some time in the future.

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