Oldbris is the nickname for the original Within Hubris, created by Jadusable. Originally it was going to be a place for players of the ARG to converge and collaborate to finish the ARG. That never happened though because Jad is a lazy sack of shit.

History Edit


Within Hubris was created on Febuary 17th, 2011, shortly after Arc 3 of the ARG began. Jadusable posted a binary code on his Youtube account that translated to the board's url: Within Hubris was meant to be the players' bastion, a place where they were safe to plan their strategies for the upcoming Arc. Soon after people started joining the forum, cryptic messages were posted relating to the ARG.

--I'm not going to add the whole history here, someone else who was more knowledgeable with the beginning do that, basically translate stuff from here on over to this page also--