Ryukaki AKA Kayd Hendricks
Ryu greeting us humble hubris folks.
WH Statistics
Position Under Kelbris
Era Oldbris
Faction Unknown
Furfag Status Unknown
Physical Statistics
Country America
Height Unknown
Age 25

Ryukaki (also known as Kayd Hendricks and APsuedonym) was an ARG player back when it was active. Ryu had his own sub-ARG and Within Hubris drama.

Role in the ARG Edit

Ryu had his own sub-ARG sometime after Arc 2 of the ARG started. He was pursued by spooky ghosts just like Jad, except not in video game form, because he is less of a nerd. Basically some things happened, he uploaded noises his house made in the middle of the night because he is a big baby, and then the pizza guy knocked on his door and he got scared cause he's ableist. He is also in love with his bike or something. It all led up to fuckall.

If you want a more indepth look at his role, check it.

Within Hubris Controversy Edit

Sometime in July 2011, Ryu decided to do a QnA on Oldbris under the username APsuedonym. This led to some dumbshit things being asked, of course. After Ryu became more ingrained in the community, Jad accused him of gamejacking. This shit all happened because Ryu messaged Jad about being part of the ARG canon, but Jad never really responded. Ryu decided to go on and do it anyway, and then all this drama happened.

This caused the community to split. Some users put 'TEAM RYUKAKI' in their sigs, in support of his sub-Arc. Once again, this all culminated in fuckall. Some still percieve Ryu's involvement as canon, while others don't (including Jad).