"I have the schlong of legends."
WH Statistics
Position Troll
Era Oldbris - Newbris
Faction Unknown
Furfag Status Unknown
Physical Statistics
Country Unknown
Height Unknown
Age 16

Shadowfem (AKA MairuOrihara on Newbris) is an infamous user known for causing a shitload of drama on Oldbris.

Oldbris Drama Edit

People first began noticing Shadowfem on Oldbris when she made tons of topics, usually with pointless or dumb subject matter. Most of her posts were written like a 13 year old girl on myspace. It was later revealed that she actually was 13, so yeah, big shocker. Nearly every one of her topics caused some kind of drama, and users sometimes debated whether or not she was actually a troll or just some dumb teen on the internet. It was kinda both.

Her 'friend', nintendocs, joined Oldbris soon after, creating an unstoppable shitposting duo. Eventually a lot of shit went down, huge dumb arguments, and many more topics, all led to her apparantly faking her own death. She's also pretty fucking hot.

Newbris Activity Edit

Shadowfem apparently created an account on Newbris under the name MairuOrihara, where she continued her vicious shitposting spree. She eventually got banned, probably for spamming stupid shit. She forever lives on in our hearts, as a black stain that was Within Hubris's past.

Also someone brought her back. This can only go one way.

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