• Wolfcat222

    one day dawn looked at earth from space cause hes the sun but it wasnt the earth that he looked at instead it was a big butt because the earth had turned into a big butt. i knew this day would come, dawn said, and he looked at the butt. the butt then gave birth to a bunch of smaller butts and they began fying at daw. o no dawn said. but the butts did not hurt him hes just the sun so they got burned into him because hes the sun. but butts kept flying out until the earth butt itself flew into him and little did dwan kno that each time he absorbed a butt his own sun butt grew large. eventually he was half a butt and he knew what he had to do. he pooped out the original earth out of his comscim butt and the end thats how the earth exists. 

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