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We All Are Link
Admin Unknown
Purpose ARG Discussion
Activity Dead

We All Are Link (WAAL/W.A.A.L.) is an old ass group back from before Oldbris was ever around. Not many active users know of its existence and shenanigans. It stands as a testament to all the drama surrounding the ARG, showing that even before the shitposting began on Within Hubris that this community was already full of drama and butthurt.

History Edit

WAAL was a group that ran a livejournal that archived files from the ARG, which they would then try to decipher. At some point their livejournal was apparently hacked and a message from BEN was posted. This led to WAAL members being pissed that their site was being taken, and other groups accusing WAAL of gamejacking. A lot of drama happens, and eventually WAAL disperses, their members joining off into different groups.

The salt was still real even after this. When an article about WAAL was made on the Jadusable Wiki, it got rounded into an edit war. Deacon eventually made a post on Oldbris explaining everything about WAAL and the drama. Unfortunately, Oldbris fucking died so that post is lost to the ages, unless someone archived it.

WAAL article on the Jadusable Wiki as it stands today.