Within Hubris can refer to either the original message board created by Jadusable dubbed Oldbris, or the newer one made by fans dubbed Newbris. Both message boards share a similar topic and users, but they do have differences.

Original Within Hubris - Oldbris Edit

The original Within Hubris was created by Jadusable himself to be a place for users to meet and discuss the upcoming finale to his ARG. Oldbris started out rather serious, with actual topics relating to the ARG and theories. This seriousness eventually began to dwindle, as Jad announced the hiatus he placed on the ARG. Despite it's original creator being rather inactive, Oldbris lasted a few years before it died. During this time, many groups were created, old users left, and new ones joined. Eventually the website was taken down on August 8th, 2012.

Neo Within Hubris - Newbris Edit

After Oldbris was taken down, fans got together and created another Within Hubris for them to fuck around on. Where as the original Within Hubris had some serious discussion, this one did not. It, for the most part, is pure shitposting. Unfortunately, since the closure of Oldbris was so sudden, many older users on the board haven't had a chance to learn about Newbris, and haven't been seen in some time. Whether or not Newbris will be picked up as the new official forum for the ARG or not, or even if the ARG will continue at all, has yet to be seen.

Important Links Edit

This will be a nexus for important articles and categories pertaining to Within Hubris:

Important People Edit

Jadusable - The man behind it all.

Admin - Those who run the forums.

Moderators - Those who keep the shit in check.

Oldbris Users - Oldfags who were on the original forum.

Newbris Users - Newfags who did not show up until Newbris came around.

Shitposters - Those who revel in chaos and stupidity.

Furries - Furries man. Fuckin' furries man.

Community Edit

Memes - Nice meme.

Shitposting - The national pass-time of Within Hubris.

Groups - Bands of users with common interests.

Projects - Projects by the WH community, most unfinished.

Important Meta Edit

General History - Pages dealing with events that shaped WH.

Jadusable Wikia - Slightly more stuck up and refutable Wiki about the ARG.