Without Hubris
Admin Dawn
Purpose General Chat
Activity Dead(?)

Without Hubris (Formerly the Knights of the Golden Ass) was a legendary group of Warriors founded by Dawn, who's intention was to take over the world.

They later devolved into a number of other groups, which will be detailed below:

The Knights of The Golden AssEdit

Comprised of Newbris cacs; Jeffory, Dawn, Ifrit Jenkins Spirkiroid, Chuckles, Scrub and Crash, The Knights of the Golden ass were a worldwide organization of gallant heroes who's sole intention was world domination. They were given supernatural support by famous space wizard David Bowie, and given military support by a Love-Smitten Kim Jong-Il and a recently resurrected Genghis Khan. They were based out of Russia and later, The Moon. After years of conquest, they would eventually disappear without a trace, leaving many conspiracy theories in their wake.

Without Hubris - The LP GroupEdit


One day some cac (it may have been Dawn, but nobody really remembers), decided it would be a good idea to make a let's play channel, and so it was. This group, composed of Knights; Dawn, Crash (in spirit), Scrub and Jeff were joined by group newcomers; Doc, Seeker and MFGreth. This group was a colossal failure, and only ever recorded two games, Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap, and The Crooked Man. They later disbanded due to schedule constraints, lack of interest, and infighting between members.

The RaidsEdit

A couple months into the groups existence, someone (probably Jeffory or Chuckles), got the bright idea to revive the Shrekening thread with posts from Shrekchan, this would be the first in a series of day long "Raids" on the forum, which included such wacky themes as:

  • The Shrekening - The Second Cumming
  • Invasion of the Doctors (a result of Spanosa inflicting cancer on members),
  • Historical Great Men Overload, and
  • The Little King's Crusade.

Their hard work culminated in a hall of fame thread in their final raid, The Mystery of Elegy (aka the Misadventures of The Skooks) , which died mainly due to lack of interest.

The Alliance That Never WasEdit

One day some cac called his longtime mortal Enemies, the Without Hubris frontal operations group (Jeffory, Chuckles, Scrub, Ifrit and Crash) to his aid, wanting to use their shitposting skills against an enemy from another forum. This supper 2spooky enemy would later arrive on the forum and troll the Chatango before leaving. They left only disappointment and broken dreams in their wake.

Remember, kids. Anonymous is not your personal army.

The Group TodayEdit

It is unknown if Without Hubris still operates, the Skype group long since devolved into disjointed rants and arguments, which culminated in Jeffory and Scrub leaving. Some say they died, some say they await sleeping, waiting for the day they can return the forum to it's shitposting glory.